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Cardinal, Male, 01

Cardinal, Male, 01

I took this on my trusty 75-300mm lens. I love small birds, and I especially love blue jays and cardinals. I've never gotten a picture of a blue jay, though. I have plenty of slightly-not-publishable pictures of cardinals. This is one of my favorites, for a couple reasons. One, it had better have been worth lying in the ice for an hour and a half. All of my joints hurt.
Two, it captures tons of detail, and also that adorable moment when a small bird is shaped like a tennis ball in hopes of keeping warm in the winter. I have a huge issue with my 75-300mm lens not capturing shots as sharply as I'd like. So many come out slightly soft, and unusable, but I can't afford to replace it. So I was VERY happy this one came out.


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