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Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

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Image Description: A line of land is visible at the very bottom of the image. The foreground in the left half of photo is dominated by a stylized wind turbine. It appears as a large slender tower with a full circle of turbine blades around the top, forming a nearly complete circle. Fourteen identical wind turbines dot the horizon in the distance behind it, interspersed along the land at the bottom of the photograph. Just to the right of the main turbine are a pair of small birds. The entire foreground is silhouetted. The sky is filled with purple storm clouds that fade to reddish-orange at the horizon. The clouds are blurred with motion across the sky.

AlphabetSoupIAIowaRolandabstractarchitecturebirdbirdsblackbuildingbuildingscloudscolorseveningfarmflightflyinggreen energylandscapenatureorangepurpleredscenerysilhouetteskystormsunsettime stacktimestackwind farmwind turbine

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